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About the Studio

BlackSails Studio was founded in 2017 as a professional private tattoo studio on the south shore of Long Island. Located in Sayville, the studio is a comfortable retreat for clients and allows the artists to focus on their work in a private location without any of the distractions of a traditional tattoo shop.

Artist and owner Brandon Schultheis focuses on large-scale illustrative, new school and bio-mechanical tattoos. He currently has about a 6-12 month waiting list for new clients. Please take a look at his portfolio to see if your ideas would be a good fit for his preferred styles.

Joe Friedman is a well-rounded artist that specializes in bold, colorful Neo-Traditional, Anime, Pop Culture and Illustrative tattoos, please check out his work and email him to discuss your ideas for an appointment!

Marvin Silva is an incredibly versatile artist and tattooer. Marvin specializes in illustrative and surrealism tattoos, but can handle a variety of styles- from portraits to traditional to new school. Please check out his work and send him an email for scheduling inquires!

JJ Claudio specializes in Black & Gray Realism as well as Illustrative tattooing. JJ has a diverse portfolio and has tremendous versatility with both smaller and large-scale pieces. Email JJ for your inquiries to work with this amazing artist.


Email is the only way to contact our artists, so please see the Contact page for their information for any inquiries you might have. Thank you!



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